Weed Farmer Overgrown -- A few bugs

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Weed Farmer Overgrown -- A few bugs

Postby Heed » Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:11 pm

Version 1.420. Android v4.4.2, Tegra Note 7:

1) A certain reproducible crash of the app can be achieved by doing the following:

Go to the weed bus recipe tab and click on any recipe twice to bring up the information/buy screen. Do nothing and close that screen by pressing "Cancel" -- the app will crash every time. "Unfortunately, Weed Farmer Overgrown has stopped."

2) The Northern Lights strain does not show buds when in flower. The overhead grow room view shows the plant in flower, but when you go to the "Plant Detail" screen the plant never shows buds.

3) Screen resolution aspect ratio seems unable to render fully on a resolution of 1280 x 800. I haven't seen an app not be able to go completely full screen before -- in portrait orientation the game screen doesn't go all the way to each side of the device screen -- it's letterboxed. I assume it must be some sort of fixed aspect ratio problem. If you can't fix the aspect ratio problem itself, maybe enable the ability to zoom in on the display like most touch apps, or failing that add an option to stretch the display.

4) The font on some screens is microscopic -- for example, the font used in the "Grow Club" text box listing the update notes and community messages. I find it barely readable on a 7 inch screen at a resolution of 1280x800. My eyes aren't quite as good as they used to be, but I still think you could bump up the font size a couple of points to make it easier for everyone.

5) It seems that when you go to spend weed bucks that it might be checking the amount of normal money available instead of/as well as the amount of weed bucks available. That is, if you have 400 weed bucks and 100 normal money the game will not let you buy anything in weed bucks costing more than the 100 bucks of normal money you have. Haven't been in a position to test this again, but I'm pretty sure this was the case early on for me.

Is this game still under development? There's bits in the documentation making reference to a Beta run (still described on the official website as "beta") and citing the wrong version number ("About" text says v1.10), etc. Just seems a bit haphazard and/or neglected. There's a good core game here, though.


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