Update: Weed Farmer v1.019 Released

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Update: Weed Farmer v1.019 Released

Postby Brother Floyd » Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:17 pm

Early this morning around 6:00 AM EST version 1.019 of Weed Farmer was made available on the Android Market.

This update provided a full changeover to the new login system. This change was unfortunate but necessary as many players with hardware that either had non-unique identification or shared hardware identification due to duplicate ROMs, previous to this update were experiencing lost nicknames resulting in their inability to save progress in the game. With the new login system, these issues should now be resolved. Additional it is now possible for users to move their nicknames when upgrading to a new Android OS support device.

We understand change and loss of progress is painful and not a situation anyone wishes to experience. After a week of working on this issue, the introduction of a new login system which resulted in a full restart of players (who now start out with $100,000) was the only choice remaining for making possible the ability of all players to play the game longterm.

Everyone's understand and patience as we continue to work towards resolving critical issues during beta is very much appreciated. Once the new update has been proven to work correctly, resulting in a greater number of players to enjoy the game, development will be moving on towards resolving the next big problem experienced by many which is the popups not always working for those running Android OS 2.3+

Please note, until the update is available for the popup breaking issue in Android OS 2.3+, one temporary work around is to clear the apps local saved data by doing the following:

To clear the data, using your phone, go to:
Menu button -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Weed Farmer -> Clear data

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