Update: v1.024 Big Fix for Popup Break using Android OS 2.3

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Update: v1.024 Big Fix for Popup Break using Android OS 2.3

Postby Brother Floyd » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:58 am

This patch fixes the problem being experienced by those using Android OS 2.3+ resulting in the issue of the shop buy / sell popup windows and plant info popups of failing to display. Thanks to Brother Franklin's extensive effort, spent researching and debugging the issue of popups breaking after a short amount of use, this issue should now be resolved.

This patch has been a devilish one, and one of the last remaining hurdles preventing the addition of fun features being added to the game. Franklin and I both appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as the core game is made as compatible as possible to the thousands of players using hundreds of different hardware devices to play.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are still having problems with popups not showing, please try the following solutions below as you may need to clear out or reset the app's local saved data file on your phone.

Solution 1, using each nickname which has trouble with displaying popup windows, go in to each shop screen, select an item for sale, then touch again to display the buy popup window, press the cancel button. Then visit the other two shops and do the same, select, buy, close window. Next visit each shop again, but this time select an item to sell, touch the selected item again to open the sell window, then press the cancel button. Once completed, you have reset the local saved data which handles the popups back to it's default state, which now with the 1.024 update will remain stable making sure popups work dependably under Android OS 2.3+.


Solution 2, reset the app's local saved data, then restore your nicknames by re-entering the Account Name and Password you previously created:

To clear the data, using your phone, go to:

Menu button -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Weed Farmer -> Clear data

After the data has been cleared and you have started the app, you will be asked for an Account Name and Password. Enter in the exact same Account Name and Password you created previously when you made the nicknames you wish to restore. Once re-entering the Account Name and Password, the nicknames will again be available for your use. The local saved data will now be restored to it's previous state and should remain stable with the introduction of the 1.024 update even when using devices running Android OS 2.3+.


If after attempting both of the above fixes those of you running Android OS 2.3+ or greater and still experiencing issues with the buy, sell and or plant detail popup windows not displaying, please contact us by email to support@weed-farmer.com

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