Update v1.025 Weed Farmer now Playable on Android Tablets

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Update v1.025 Weed Farmer now Playable on Android Tablets

Postby Brother Floyd » Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:08 pm

Weed Farmer now supports tablets and larger resolutions Android phones like the Motorola Atrix.

The recently released version 1.025 provides the fix necessary to let these class of device owners participate in the final beta period.

For all players no matter what device you are using this update is also noteworthy as it completes the last major compatibility hurdle which was necessary to address before adding more gameplay features such as the plague system. We thank everyone for you patience and great help with stability feedback and stress testing with the over two dozen updates the game has had since open beta started. Now with that out of the way, plague system can be again focused on and will be available for beta player testing soon.

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