Version 1.027 Released with 420 Surprise

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Version 1.027 Released with 420 Surprise

Postby Brother Franklin » Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:52 pm

:420: All nicknames that were created before 7:00 PM EST on 4/20/2011 received a limited edition event item, the 420 Grow Guide - 2011 Edition. :420:

This special item is used in the new Farm Gear area for global equipment, accessed off the My Farm screen navigation area. This book will give a +2 to Grow Skill while equipped, with version 1.027 offering no way to unequip Farm Gear at this time (future updates will allow for swapping and unequiping of Farm Gear items). The book is yours to keep even after end-of-BETA reset.

Farm Gear in general will provide a way for players to augment their entire farm (all grow room plots) as well as buff global stats like experience point generation, Grow Skill, money bonuses, etc. Over time, players will collect a wide variety of Farm Gear to allow them to customize their Weed Farming experience.

Thanks to all our players who've been patient while we address server issues, fight the pirates, deal with funky hardware problems, and deglitch stuff in general. Now that we've got a good handle on most of these things, we'll be rolling out more 'play' features, starting with the plague system. Enjoy your last few moments of trouble free growing way above your skill levels . . . I see a swarm of insects on the horizon ... and they look hungry for your pot plants!

Your friend in Weed Farming

- Brother Franklin
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Re: Version 1.027 Released with 420 Surprise

Postby silly » Fri May 06, 2011 6:51 am

Any chance i could get the event item aswell. I bought the game in the phase you launched the game but could not play the game because it was not compatible with my android tablet would be nice my character names are silly, skilly and stilly i just found out yesterday the game updated and was playable for me aswell

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