Server Side Update - Speed Growing Buff & Equipment

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Server Side Update - Speed Growing Buff & Equipment

Postby Brother Floyd » Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:03 am

Today's update (June 14th) to the game's server side code has been completed. Much was done in this update in the way of effecting game play.

- Quality of a plant at harvest now directly effects the value of the harvested weed when sold. Weed harvested will combine in inventory resulting in average weighted price for the complete stack if combining harvests from the same strain but of different quality amounts.

- Fertilizer Type C now works by reducing a plant's grow time

- Last two remaining to be turned on grow room gizmos now active. These would be the CO2 System (reduces a plant's grow time by 5%) and Ionizer (increases a plant's quality by 5%)

- Fertilizers Type A and B when now used have a chance to greatly benefit a plant by raising yield and quality directly proportional to consumable costs and estimated strain harvest values.

- Soft caps are now active on quality, yield and grow. This causes consumables such as the fertilizers to be less effective the greater a plant's yield and quality % is at time of applying the consumable. After a point of increase it no longer becomes cost effective, but as we plan to have more leaderboards such as fastest growers, highest yielding plants, etc. for those looking to chase leaderboard rankings is to take the loss in cash for high ranking on such boards.

- Seed and seedling trays can no longer be sold back to the Grow Store.

- Limit now enforced on the number of seed and seedling trays allowed per growing location. Attempts to purchase trays above limit results in a cancelled transaction. Trays limits for each growing location can be viewed in the Real Estate Office.

Please note the game servers will be offline on June 15th from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM EST while the database is being rebuilt and last changes are implemented for the official start of the game.

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