Please Uptade,the Game have many bugs.Help

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Please Uptade,the Game have many bugs.Help

Postby DOPEschiffla » Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:44 am

I have found many bugs in the game.When i sell items i get no money for it but the item is selling,i always have a internet connection.The Android Version is better.I was so happy that i see that the game come for IOS.I play it 2 Months on IOS,but this is not good.The Android Version is 500% better.This Version on IOS has a many bugs.Please fix it.I wish the IOS Version is so good and is the same on Android,but is complety differnt.This is dream so far far away that the app going well. I hope you see that the App on IOS have many bugs please fix that money bug.I have Internet Connection,i sell items and i get no money.Please fix it and look of the Android App,its the same app but on IOS is the app not good.

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