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Postby Brother Franklin » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:03 am

Greetings Weed Farmers. Many of you will know me from in-game but I had not usually posted so much on the Forum. It was Brother Floyd's job to look after the Forum. Brother Floyd is no longer with The Grow Brothers, and the Forum that he controlled was brought down on November 22nd for reasons still unknown. Fortunately, I had an old backup from January 2012. I configured one of our servers to run PHP/MySQL and this board software and restored back to the January 2012 version. All of the registered accounts, messages, posts, and updates from then until now seem to be gone forever. I personally and deeply apologize for this loss, and while there is nothing I can to do erase history, I can assure you all it will not happen again. The Weed Farmer Forum is now under my direct control and it will enjoy the same uptime and care as the rest of our properties.

I ask any users of this forum who may have archived content from January 2012 until present time to write me an email with copies of this content at so I can try to re-integrated it back into the Forum.

I know the forum isn't exactly like it was . . . but it's close and I'll keep making it better.

Your friend in Weed Farming,

Brother Franklin

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