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Weed Bucks for Sale on Overgrown

Postby Brother Franklin » Mon Sep 23, 2013 6:04 pm

Greetings Weed Farmers! Today was a big update that we’d been working on for a while; support for in-app purchasing and the ability to purchase Weed Bucks. Many folks requested the ability to purchase Weed Bucks as they did not want to take the time to do the adventure trivia questions, or wanted to experience the full breadth of the game more quickly. Many other folks also asked for the ability to purchase Weed Bucks for no other reason than to help us grow the game. We know some other folks aren’t very happy we’re selling the Weed Bucks, and to these people we apologize.

We've needed a way to grow this game, and to do that we need more revenue.

We could have launched a Kick Starter campaign that just took money from people for some vague promise of product in the unknown future, or we could have built a product worthy of purchase and then keep adding on to it with on-going revenue. We choose the second path and thank you all sincerely for supporting our efforts and taking the journey with us. On a final note, we gave everyone who had an active account before today 700 Weed Bucks as a celebration for this monumental update. We made a mistake when we were giving out the weed bucks and gave out thousands too many, and we’ve had to take them back. To those that spent them faster than we could take them back, you’ll see your Weed Buck balance has been reduced to zero. Please accept the ill-gotten gain as our apology for the confusion ;-). As ever, we’re your friends in Weed Farming.

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