Why Android users forced a move to IOS

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Why Android users forced a move to IOS

Postby IGroDro » Mon May 13, 2013 2:54 pm

Want to know why the Grow Bros made an IOS Port?

Reason 1
Apple IOS is proprietary meaning only apple can develop IOS and IOS updates plain and simple
Android on the other hand is open source meaning any one with a little knowledge can create an Android OS aka Custom ROM AND THIS IS THE MAIN REASON why the Grow Brothers went an IOS Route. Being an open source OS Android users can create and install a "custom Android OS" via a process called "rooting". this basically gives you full "admin" rights to your phones OS. This also allows you to install 3rd party apps that you cannot get IN the play store. These are called APKs. What happened in this case is people were uploading weedfarmer OG APK to third party websites and circumventing the license process. This resulted in alot of Android Users playing weed farmer BUT very few actually paying for it . This is where Apple comes in to play. Itunes is proprietary as is the coding for the apps AND IOS. this makes it alot harder to not only jailbreak an Iphone but get pirated apps.

Reason 2
Itunes Vs Play Store

Play store is googles version of Itunes. The main problem is google doesnt moderate it it is moderated by the users so any one can make an app and publish it. The good thing this is that it gives aspiring people to create apps they think may be beneficial to other people the bad thing is that they are easily pirated and the only way to get a bad/pirated app taken out is to report it. only after so many reports will Google step in and intervene.

Itunes on the other hand is Approved by Apple and Apple alone. If you dont meet a certain quality and criteria your app will not make it on the Itunes Store. This in turn is a royal pain in the ass but more profitable because id rather pay 5 bucks for a quality app then a half assed app. As a business strategy Itunes in part will keep WF afloat until google can somehow crack down on pirated apps and have better security measures.

In closing i will admit i use pirated apps and software myself BUT i use it as a test run and if i like it i will in turn pay for it or buy it...most people will not and only look for a handout (like all these "i need weedbucks use my code" posts on the forums) its like wellfare for the smartphones....you use an app for free that someone elses hard earned money helped pay for and support.
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Re: Why Android users forced a move to IOS

Postby Brother Franklin » Thu May 30, 2013 6:01 am

Well said, IGro . . . .

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