Crafting is easy good way get money at early levels

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Crafting is easy good way get money at early levels

Postby Juarence » Wed May 29, 2013 1:44 am

:smoking6: Hello everybody,

Just letting the new people aware that you can get a boost in cash by crafting burn salves and selling them in the co-op store. The trick is to first off obtain the recipes, you will need A.) the cannabis tincture recipe and the burn salve recipe (the burn salve costs 50 weed bucks in weed bus under recipe tab, use my code YAOJDXIS under the More section before you start game then click on referrals then input the code to get 200 weed bucks) Once you have both recipes you need to begin collecting trimmings grade D and crafting seed grade D. These are obtained primarily by trimming plants however the trim debuff can appear quickly sometimes without dropping any trimmings or seeds, therefore it is a good idea to invest in the Advanced trimming scissors to increase the chance at drops. So the way to maximize your drops is to do the following. Always always always have max amount of germ trays and seedling trays allotted to you and have them always occupied. Once your sprouts reach 28% you should be able to plant them. At early stages you will only have one plot for 4 plants, so take all 8 of your sprouts and plant them, trimming them all to the max until the debuff appears, trash a plant and replace it until you have no more sprouts while repeating the process of trimming to the max. Make sure you do not trash plants if you have no more sprouts to replace them with, when you run out of sprouts leave the plants to grow, the trim debuff will have no negative effect on the plant at all, it simply prevents you from trimming it any more. Also it doesn't matter what percent you do the trimming, the drops will be random regardless of percent complete, unless its at 100% then it will be harvested. If you do it this way you will be able to get trimmings from at least 8 plants at least twice or three times a day. On average you will end up with 5-25 trimmings and a lot of craft seeds as well. Once you have these ingredients craft cannabis tincture then craft burn salve. Burn salves sell for 500$ each and will give you a nice profit at early stages of the game. DISCLAIMER: at first your attempts to create these items may fail, do not worry! once your cooking skill rises from failed attempts they will begin to fail less and less often, eventually they will never fail.

If you feel this little tip helpful and you have not yet used a referral code i would very much appreciate the weed bucks you can give me 100 and receive 200 weed bucks for yourself, just simply enter this code, YAOJDXIS under the "more" section before you start the game, then enter the code YAOJDXIS in the referral section. Thank you very much in advance and hope this helped.

-Juarence :slaphappy:
My referral code: YAOJDXIS Enter this under "more" section before you launch the game and input the code in the referral section. You will instantly receive 200 weed bucks!!!

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