auto feeder and auto sprayer

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auto feeder and auto sprayer

Postby romparoomkev » Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:16 pm

How does the auto sprayer and auto feeder exactly work? I just recently installed them on 4 of my plots and I'm confused because I thought auto would be like auto you know like I don't have to do anything but it's not it just makes it so that I can do it to all of my plants at once instead of 1 at a time..

So my question is when is the best time to use the auto thingy to cure the fungus and insect and also to do the nutrients? It seems like if I do it early on that it will use 16 instead of just on the 12 plants that need it so I end up wasting money it sucks so to avoid that what would be the best time to do it when it's like 100% or Idk if someone could help that'd be awesome I hope I didn't waste all my weedbux making this cap that would suck so much

Or if someone could tell me how they use it that'd be legit.. thank you.
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