Weed Farmer v1.1 Release - OFFICIAL GAME START

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Weed Farmer v1.1 Release - OFFICIAL GAME START

Postby Brother Floyd » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:51 pm

Weed Farmer version 1.1 has been released!

With this release the open beta has ended and the official game has started! Now the real growers will be known.

- Manage the Quality, Yield and Growing Times of Your Plants.

- Fertilizer B to raise Quality and Fertilizer C to speed up grow times now active!

- Yield, Quality and Time Increase buffs gained from equipment, consumables and grow medium transplants are now enabled.

- Leadersboards for seeing the top 100 wealthiest and most skilled growers now reset. See how you stack up in real time to the best players in the game.

- Beta reward equipment and rare consumables given out to over 20,000 participants of open beta. Check your supply screen in growing room to see your reward items including farm gear, grow room plot gizmos and new plant view usable consumables.

- More features and items on the way. While version 1.1 ends the open beta the updates continue to this top selling android online game!


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