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Weed Farmer Overgrown Update 0.9k

Postby Brother Franklin » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:53 pm

Greetings Weed Farmers and apologies for the bad update with version 0.9j. Google changed something, still don't know what, and code that has been running fine for over a year suddenly broke. We're pleased we could get a patch to work around the issue so quickly. As promised, here are some more detailed notes about what went into this change:

Weed Bus and Weed Bucks

The Weed Bus was turned on, and you can purchase items for Weed Bucks. It is important to note that all Weed Buck purchases you do now will get rolled back on Post-Beta Reset and your full stash of Weed Bucks will be restored to your account, so you don't have to fear making a bad purchase. All Weed Bucks earned by referrals will also remain in your accounts. Weed Bucks ARE SHARED across all of your nicknames. If you spend them with one nickname, they will not be available to the other nicknames, so plan accordingly.

The items that you can buy at the Weed Bus are currently turned off and you cannot use them (PLEASE DON'T TRY). The store functionality is what we are testing now, so do please buy some items. We expect to turn the items on a couple at a time starting tomorrow.


We have turned on crafting, which is accessed from your My Farm main screen, via the center icons Alchemy, Cooking, and Engineering. There are two recipes for each of these skills for you to try. We will be adding substantially more recipes over the next couple of weeks. There are two things you can craft: Components (to be used in other crafting) and Supplies (to be used directly by your character). The first examples are:

Hash Oil - Double Boiler, Wire Mesh Screen, Cheap Alcohol, Craft Weed Grade D
Stem Repair Solution - Food Processor, Rood Ball Grade D, Hash Oil

Cannabis Tincture - Sauce Pan, Fine Metal Screen, Cheap Alcohol, Trimmings Grade D
Burn Salve Liquid - Sauce Pan, Seeds Grade D, Cannabis Tincture

Hemp Hurds - Stalk Shredder, Hemp Fiber Filter, Stalks Grade D
Dehydrator Powder - Mega Grinder, Trimmings Grade D, Hemp Hurds

As you will notice, each starting recipe for the various skills is used as an ingredient in the second recipe (Stem Repair Solution uses Hash Oil as a component, same for Burn Salve Liquid using Cannabis Tincture, and Dehydrator Powder using Hemp Hurds). Not all the crafting will be like this, but much of it will be using base components to make complex crafted components, and complex crafted components used to make finished products. As of now NO SKILL INCREASES are being granted by successful crafting. This will get turned on later this week, so don't look for your skills to be increasing in value just yet.

You have a percentage chance based on the difficulty level of the recipe you are trying to craft and your appropriate crafting skill. This is not yet displayed for you, but it will be. Based on the way it is currently set up, you've got about a 60% chance to craft any of the recipes. THIS WILL CHANGE. Also, you can currently buy any of the components necessary to craft. THIS WILL ALSO CHANGE!!! Component drops will be an important part of the Adventure and Smoke Out systems, and you will need to use these features to get key pieces of gear and components, as well as judicious use of Trim and Harvest. For now, you can buy anything.

A word on Recipes. For now, you can buy any recipe, and will be able to do so up to the end of Beta, as we need these recipes tested. Once we go live, however, these recipes will be acquired via drops through selling weed or by using the Adventure/Smoke-out systems. Low level recipes will be easy to get . . . higher level ones will be rarer.

For your crafted items, you will be able to sell the items back to the appropriate market in many cases, or trade them with other players.

Store Changes

You will notice that there are now more stores available, with the full use of the S-Mart and the Co-op Store. Many of you thought Co-op was like a game mode where you could engage in game play with another user, cooperatively, as is available in many MMOs. This is not what we mean . . we mean more of a Hippy communal Co-operative, where people band together for a common business interest, and do it more or less equally. Think Peace, Love, and Granola.

In a nutshell (and not 100% of the cases) the stores now follow the themes listed below:

Seed Exchange: Seeds Buy and Sell
Grow Store: Growing Consumable Supplies, Farm Gear, Upgrades, Main Grow Gear, and Alchemy Crafting Components/Recipes
Weed Market: Weed - Sell Only
Co-op Store: Special Growing Consumables, Special Upgrades, Crafted Food, and Cooking Crafting Components/Recipes
S-Mart: Growing Gizmos, Select Farm Gear, and Engineering Crafting Components/Recipes

Right now you can buy almost all components. THIS WILL CHANGE. Many components necessary for higher level crafting will only be available as Drops or by purchase with Weed Bucks (for the impatient folks who have lots of referrals).

Additional Items

Over a dozen new items were introduced into the game and the functionality of these items is 100% controlled on the server-side, so we will be turning these items on over the next week. Look for a post later in the week that will describe each item and explain what it does / is used for.


We worked hard on the crafting system trying to create a generic system that could be extended over time. We feel we have met this goal and it will become an intergral part of the game. We are open to suggestions on other things to craft, so keep the emails coming.

This code is still very fresh and there are bound to be problems. Please report all the Force Close situations with a brief note about what you were doing when the FC occurred. This helps us so much I can't stress it enough. We're very grateful to have helped foster such a wonderful community; it keeps us going when the chips are down.

As ever, your friends in Weed Farming,

The Grow Brothers

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