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Weed Farmer Homegrown for Apple IOS

Postby Brother Franklin » Wed May 08, 2013 4:36 pm

Welcome Apple Users! We didn't expect to get on iTunes in quite the way that it took place, but we're grateful to Apple that they finally saw clear to let the Weed Farmer franchise onto their App Store. We know the software is somewhat rough, but it will become what Overgrown is today on the Android platform. Right now, Weed Farmer Homegrown most closely resembles the original Weed Farmer Classic, although with the new art and plant display system of Overgrown. During the next six months we will be adding features to bring the Homegrown game experience in-line with Overgrown.

The first version, released by Apple on April 22nd, was not ready for prime-time. We got a patch out within a week, and it took a week longer for Apple to approve it. Version 1.01 was approved and available on the market on May 5th. We released version 1.02 to Apple on the same day, and are currently waiting for them to review it and make it live. From that last publish cycle, we estimate the go-live for version 1.02 to be on Sunday May 12th, but we have no control over it, it's in Apple's hands. We are already hard at work on version 1.03.

Brother Flynn was the major force behind the IOS release, and I want to extend a hearty congratulations to him for all his hard work. If it were not for him, there would be no Homegrown.

We have listened to the complaints about the lack of an updated grow guide, and we're working on creating guides specifically for Overgrown and Homegrown, and hopefully these will be out in the next couple of weeks.

Weed Farmer Homegrown was a big gamble for us. . . we knew we were not breaking any of Apple's rules, but we still knew it was an edgy topic and that might make waves. It did make waves, but we surfed them to safety and now IOS users are part of the Weed Farmer Community.

Welcome Weed Farmers!

Your friend in Weed Farming,

Brother Franklin

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