Update - July 15, 2013

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Update - July 15, 2013

Postby Brother Franklin » Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:01 am

Greetings Weed Farmers! Much has happened since the last update so without further ado, here's what has been going on by Title:

Weed Farmer Homegrown

Brother Flynn has been hard at working flushing out the crafting system for Weed Farmer Homegrown. This update will include Alchemy, Cooking, and Engineering and will work much like it does in Weed Farmer Overgrown, with the exceptions in UI that have to be done 'The Apple Way'. We're looking forward to this release as a big step forward in matching up Weed Farmer Homegrown to Weed Farmer Overgrown. After crafting, we expect to focus on Outdoor Growing and the Weed Bus.

Weed Farmer Overgrown

I've been hard at working finding solutions to some of the last long-standing bugs in the game. Most notable are the harvest bug (creating a zero inventory and unsellable weed situation) and the in-ability to purchase the last Outdoor upgrade that only happens for some players. I expect to have a patch out for these two bugs within the next week, if testing continues to go smoothly. It is unfortunate that these bugs were very difficult to reproduce and happen only infrequently based on many variables coming together for the 'perfect storm' that creates the bug. Normally, each piece of the system does its thing without issue, but when all the pieces hiccup together, we get the bug. I think I finally nailed the cause and am continuing to do tests to verify.

As soon as these bugs are fixed, I will be turning on the Weed Bucks purchase feature on the Weed Bus. We will be selling Weed Bucks for those folks that don't want to wait to accumulate them via the adventure system. I know some of you out there are calling it the 'Greed Bus' and and 'Greedy Bucks', but the truth is we need more revenue to grow. We want to do many things but every time we stir one pot, the other pots go stale. We need more people to stir more pots, for example: Add content to the games (recipes, more strains, more gizmos, more craft drops), add servers to decrease lag and increase performance, do promotions to spread the word about the community, manage the social media and forums to keep the community up to date, and so much more. We're resource strapped, and with what just happened with Weed Farmer Classic, it's harder for us than ever. We're not greedy, we've kept prices down as much as possible and feel we offer GREAT bang-for-the-buck on your entertainment dollar. We just want to get out of the rut we are in and continue our advance.

Weed Farmer Classic

Only July 10th, someone at Google Play decided they didn't want to see Weed Farmer on the Top Paid Casual Games list. The majority of our revenue comes from Weed Farmer Classic. We reduced the price to 99 cents and sales really picked up. We had some of the best days in a while on the 8th and 9th of July. For reasons only guessed at, on the 10th, our ranking went from #17 to off the chart entirely within the span of 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Weed Farmer Classic is still no where on the charts. Now you can only find it by typing it in by name, and of course, sales have collapsed. Just as we were starting to get ahead, once again, the rug is pulled from under us, only this time is appears as if it is some low-level minion at Google Play is responsible. If it continues, and Weed Farmer is not to be restored to the ranking system, we will need to discontinue support for Weed Farmer Classic entirely. We're doing everything we can to see that it does not come to that, including enlisting the support of our attorney, but with big faceless companies like Google, it's hit or miss.

Other Games

We want to work on other products, but are so bogged down trying to expand and support the Weed Farmer Franchise that it has proven very difficult . . . when we turn on Weed Bucks on Android first, then eventually on iTunes, please help support us and the community with your purchase. We assure you we've been reinvesting and will continue to do so to make more great grow products!

Your friend in Weed Farming,

Brother Franklin

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